The Rich List: 2020’s Highest-Earning Instakids

Meet the children under 10 that are making a fortune on Instagram. 

Social media has not only become an essential part of many people’s lives but it is also an incredibly successful way to make money. Therefore,  it comes as no surprise that the number of influencers using the platform is continuing to increase with many people of all ages using the app to increase their earnings, either as their main source of income or as a ‘side hustle’. 

From food bloggers to Love Island stars and even toddler influencers, Instagram is a popular way to earn some serious cash - and the numbers really are shocking! Here at Bella Baby, we have analysed the profiles of some of the most popular child Instagram stars that regularly get sponsorship deals and collaborations on their profiles to see exactly how much these children under 10 are taking home. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 highest earning instakids that are making an absolute fortune before they’ve even hit double figures! See the visual below to find out who topped the list. 

1. @everleighrose


Followers: 5M

Average Likes: 590,403

Engagement Rate: 11.39%

Estimated Earnings Per Post:  £7861 - £13,103


2. @elle


Followers: 5M

Average Likes: 1M

Engagement Rate:19.93%

Estimated Earnings Per Post: £7768 - £12,947


3. @kcstauffer


Followers: 4M

Average Likes: 64,075

Engagement Rate: 1.77%

Estimated Earnings Per Post: £5501 - £9169


4. @taytumandoakley


Followers: 3.1M

Average Likes: 187,590

Engagement Rate: 5.89%

Estimated Earnings Per Post £4827 - £8045


5. @alaiamcbroom


Followers: 2.8M

Average Likes: 722,359

Engagement Rate: 25.14%

Estimated Earnings Per Post: £4360 - £7266


6. @clementstwins


Followers: 1.8M

Average Likes: 40,506

Engagement Rate: 2.22%

Estimated Earnings Per Post: £2764 - £4606 


7. @asahdkhaled


Followers: 1.7m 

Average Likes: 60,287

Engagement Rate: 3.42%

Estimated Earnings Per Post: £2669 - £4449


8. @avafoley 


Followers: 822,270

Average Likes: 33,496

Engagement Rate: 4.14%

Estimated Earnings Per Post: £1868 - £3112


9. @coco_pinkprincess


Followers: 642,099

Average Likes: 55,136

Engagement Rate: 8.60%

Estimated Earnings Per Post: £1461 - £2434


10. @boomerrphelps


Followers: 617,825

Average Likes: 16,142

Engagement Rate: 2.62%

Estimated Earnings Per Post: £1403 - £2338




We researched and collected the highest earning child instagram accounts by looking at previous articles that had published lists such as this one. We then separated the accounts that were children under the age of 10 and used this tool to collect data on some of the accounts to generate their estimated earnings per post, and compiled the top 10 highest earners under the age of 10. We then converted the estimated earnings per post into British currency and rounded them up/down. The data displayed is in order of the highest earner per post.